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... giant) doesn’t really look the part. This guy looks like he can play a pissed off rage monster of insanity perfectly well. The one recast that annoys me is Daario Naharis, because I think that it will
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... postavy Daario Naharis. Herec z minule sezony k te postave sedel mnohem vic. Ten soucasnej (snadno zamenitelnej za kohokoliv z tristovky) mi tam nejak nesedi. Kdyz uz museli menit, tak to mel byt ...
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... Daario Naharis” thread that it would be awesome to get Jason Momoa to play Daario. Without a beard, another hairstyle, no makeup and a golden tooth, he would be perfect and explain better, why Dany is ...
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... Danny Mereen/Dario/ Jorah. C. Red Woman-new priestess introduced, Cersie causing more trouble, Sansa Theon are saved, Melisandra has a change of faith when Bran talks to her magically. Home: Sansa ...
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